Phantom Lines

Phantom Lines

Phantom lines have several uses on a drawing.  Phantom lines can be used to show how other parts are positioned relative to the part shown.  In the illustration below, a cylinder is placed on a v-block to be inspected.  The position of the cylinder relative to the v-block is illustrated using phantom lines.

Phantom lines can show how an object is related to the position of another object.

Phantom lines can show alternate positions of moving parts.

Phantom lines are used to show repeated detail.  For instance, a spring or threaded part may consist of a lot of detail that is not necessary to understand the form of the part.

This drawing of a doorstop illustrates the use of the common line types.
  1. Chain Line
  2. Short Break Line
  3. Section line
  4. Hidden Line
  5. Cutting Plane Line
  6. Visible Line
  7. Center Line
  8. Long Break Line
  9. Phantom Line
  10. Extension Line
  11. Dimension Line