Investment Casting

Investment casting is the modern embodiment of the very ancient lost wax casting.

The process starts by making a wax model of the desired component. Here the wax part is injection molded.

Wax patterns are assembled onto a common wax sprue

Wax Patterns Assembled to form a Tree

The assembled tree is then coated with a refractory slurry.

Tree Assembly Coated with Refractory Slurry

The slurry is then covered with a dry refractory powder. This is repeated many times.

The Slurry is “Stuccoed” with Refractory Powder

An investment of refractory material is built up.

Wax Coated with Refractory Investment

The wax is melted out, and the ceramic investment is fired to form a strong mold.

Wax is Melted Out

The mold is then heated further and poured.

The Mold is Heated and Poured

The investment is then removed mechanically.

The Hard Investment is Removed Mechanically

The individual parts are then separated and finished.