Micrometers (Screw-Type Gage) use a screw thread to make accurate and repeatable precision measurements.

Come in metric or inch, size ranges, with or without vernier. Digital or analog.


Outside Metric Micrometer

On many metric micrometers, the barrel scale is graduated in half millimeters and the dial reads to the nearest .01 mm.

Metric micrometer reading 6.52 mm
Inch micrometer reading .337 inches

Vernier Scale on Micrometers

Some micrometers add a vernier scale to increase their resolution.



Inside Micrometer


Screw Thread Micrometer

Screw thread micrometer.

Taper Micrometer

Taper micrometer.

Blade Micrometer

Tube Micrometer

Caliper Type Micrometer

Point Micrometer

V-Anvil Micrometer