Ram Components


The ram allows the head to be moved in and out of the machine to enable machining of a variety of workpiece configurations. The head is connected to the column via the ram.

Head Adapter

The head is attached to the ram via the head adapter. On some machines, this adapter provides a pivot motion and can be positioned by the head tilt worm gear shown below.

Head Tilt Worm Gear

The head tilt worm gear allows the head to pivot up and down.

The head tilt worm gear pivots the head about the up and down.

Head Tilt Locks

When the head is in the desired position, the head tilt locks are tightened.

The head tilt locks fix the head in the desired position.

Auxiliary Attachment Mount

On the rear of the ram is a mount to which various attachments can be affixed. Examples of attachments that are available include shaper heads (video) and cherrying heads (video).

Attachments can be added to the mount on the rear of the ram.