Collets, Holders and Nuts

  • Introduction
  • Tapered Holders, and Extensions
  • Nuts
  • Collet Stops
  • Installation Tools
    • Spanners
    • Taper Holders
  • Backup Screws
  • Emergency Collets
  • High Performance Collets
  • Sealed Collets
  • Tap Collets, Quick Change Floating Tap Collets (e.g., Sowatool code 338-750)
  • Specific Types
    • C Series
      • Originally developed by Hardinge as “wire chucks”
    • Cincinnati Monoset
    • DA
    • ER
    • GK – Self Feeding
    • GS – Milling Collet
    • Hardinge 1C
    • Hardinge TT
    • HDB
    • HDC
    • HDZ
    • HF
    • HDO
    • R8
    • SA
    • SK
    • Swiss Collets & Guide Bushing
      • Overgrip or over-the-shoulder pickoff collets (link)
      • Hardinge Video
    • TG

5C Collet

A popular collet used on many lathes and workholding devices is the 5C collet.

A 5C Collet

Some 5C collets have an internal thread that allows work positioning fixtures to be installed.

Some collets, like this one, have internal thread to allow work positioning fixtures (stops) to be installed.
Collet with a stop installed.

5C collets are tightened on the workpiece by pulling on the threaded exterior of the collet. This force pulls the taper against a tapered bore and forces the collet fingers against the workpiece.

Pulling the drawtube forces the tapered fingers of the collet against the workpiece.


Hardinge Workholding PDF

Hardinge Video