Nonferrous Metals

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  • Copper


Copper Alloys

High Purity Copper – High purity copper is used for its good electrical conductivity. Alloying is generally detrimental to this property.

Brasses – Copper and zinc alloys. May contain other elements such as iron, aluminum, nickel and silicon.

Bronzes – Copper alloy containing primarily elements other than zinc or nickel. Originally, bronzes were considered to be copper-tin alloys, but the term is somewhat broader now. See also Muntz metal.

Copper-Nickels (or Cupronickels) – Usually silver in color, these alloys tend to be highly resistant to corrosion by salt water.

Copper-Nickel-Zinc – Commonly known as “nickel-silvers”

Leaded Coppers – Adding lead to copper allows for easier machining