Calipers – Simple (non-graduated)

See also: Calipers and Height Gages

Calipers were originally used to make measurements of opposing parallel planar surfaces or internal or external diameters of parts. Modern slide calipers are more versatile and can measure step heights, hole depths, and other surfaces as well.

Non-graduated calipers are used as comparison tools. The caliper is closed onto the surfaces of the part and can be compared to a steel rulegage block or other tool.

Spring Joint Calipers

Spring Joint Calipers

Firm Joint Calipers

Firm Joint Callipers


Inside Calipers


Outside Spring Joint Callipers

Odd-Leg (Hermaphrodite)

Odd-leg or hermaphrodite calipers are used for laying out a distance from the edge of a part. These calipers are also called “Jenny calipers.”

Hermaphrodite or Odd-Leg Calipers

Odd leg calipers are used to make layout marks on a workpiece. The blunt leg slides along the edge of the part and the sharp leg scratches a mark. Layout dye is usually used to make the marks visible. Odd-leg calipers are available with adjustable/replaceable scriber legs.

Odd-leg caliper scribing position marks