Chuck Jaws

  • Scroll Chuck Jaws
  • Jaw configurations
  • Solid Jaws
  • Master/Top Jaws
  • Soft Jaws

Individual jaws for self-centering scroll chucks are made with bases that reflect their unique angular position on the scroll. In other words, each jaw of a three jaw chuck is unique. These jaws are often numbered, and must be installed in order on the chuck.

Some jaws are made in sections, a master jaw and a top jaw.

Jaws can be used to grip work in a variety of ways. They can grip toward or away from the spindle axis. Here, a chuck is gripping on the exterior of the work.

A chuck gripping inwardly on the exterior of a workpiece.

Chuck jaws can also be used to hold ring-shaped work by gripping outwardly.

A chuck gripping outwardly on the interior of a ring-shape workpiece.

Reverse chuck jaws can be used to grip on the exterior of a workpiece with the step features.

Soft Jaws

Soft jaws are chuck jaws that are designed to be machined to fit odd-shaped workpieces that would be difficult to fixture.

Soft jaws can be machined to fit oddly-shaped work.